Mount Kilimanjaro

Back in camp we were supposed to have lunch and rest for a couple of hours before continuing down to Mweka Camp for the night. The wind was fierce. While we collected gear and packed duffels in our tents the toilet tent was blown away, hitting Kendal's tent as it flew down the mountain. The dining tent was blown down; we were told lunch would be served in our sleeping tents.

Meanwhile, Arthur started feeling ill, showing signs of high altitude pulmonary edema. It was decided he had to go down immediately. I started preparing Arthur's and my duffels to descend, but in the short time it took to prepare I learned Nicholas had already started down, carrying Arthur's pack and supporting him by one arm, thereby making Arthur one of the “disturbing” sights for the next day's climbers. I told Renatus I was going to follow them, but he could not let me go alone – there is a rule clients must be accompanied by a guide, meaning he, Kendal and I had to leave together. Kendal was quickly ready to go (probably looking forward to getting out of the wind) and Renatus was soon ready. By this time, Nicholas and Arthur had at least a 20 to 30 minute head start. Lunch was ready, but we left the food for the porters to consume. Now Renatus was irritated, perhaps because he could not be supervising the break-up of camp and would be missing his lunch. As we descended I suggested to him he would do the same if it was his son.