Mount Kilimanjaro

Below Stella Point we avoided the steep rock we had come up and headed to skier's left where there are long slopes of loose pumice scree. We were able to plunge step down at a high rate of speed. The fine dust we stirred up was terrible; it was impossible not to breathe it in. We all suffered from dust in the nose and throat for days afterward. On the way down, I got irritated at Renatus because we had not had any real rest breaks and had not been able to drink much (Nicholas had my pack with the water, making it inconvenient to get a drink). We finally took one short break and continued down to the high camp at Kosovo (pictured here). We were told the nominal time for summit and return was 10 hours. According to my GPS, when we got to Kosovo our round trip time was 8 hours and 20 minutes.

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Where: 3.087705S 37.37217E Facing: SE