Mount Kilimanjaro

While I relaxed in the tent at Karanga and Kosovo camps I listened to Kendal and Arthur talking with Renatus's son. Renatus had brought him along as a porter to earn money for school as well as learn what life is like for someone without an education. He is 18, speaks excellent English and appears to be quite intelligent. The Tanzanian school system is different than ours in that it is necessary to pass exams to go on to the next level. He was going to be taking the exams to pass on to what appears to correspond to our first two years of college.

We went to bed early, cherishing our liter bottles of hot water, and tried to sleep in preparation for a very hard day ahead. That night I tried to estimate my resting pulse but did not want to turn on my headlamp and open up my sleeping bag to look at my watch, exposing myself to the cold. I was satisfied to judge it seemed only a little faster than resting at home.

Where: 3.092613S 37.37691E Facing: SSW