Mount Kilimanjaro

After an easy hike followed by a steep climb to Barafu Camp, we signed in with the rangers and retired to our dining tent for lunch. Kendal had a mild headache and Arthur had a headache and bleeding from the nose membranes. I had no headaches or nausea but did not have an appetite for any but the simplest foods such as raw vegetables and vast quantities of Milo mixed with water. Kendal and Arthur managed to eat much more than I did.

My digestive problems continued after getting home, ruling out problems related to travel. After consulting two doctors and monitoring my diet, it was discovered I had late onset lactose intolerance. Since Milo contains milk powder, consuming large quantities of it only made matters worse.

At Barafu and as we continued up to the Kosovo Camp, the meaning of the previous day's warning became clear. We saw several people returning from the mountain being supported by two guides, a few being supported by one guide, and many walking like zombies. One woman was crying and saying she could not see, probably from not using proper eye wear, thus contracting snow blindness (not a good thing, but it resolves after a couple of days in darkness). We tried to not let it disturb us.

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Where: 3.105317S 37.36883E Facing: ENE