Mount Kilimanjaro

The clouds had moved up to surround us as we climbed the Barranco Wall, but as we approached Karanga Camp they receded into the valleys. We arrived at a dry camp in fine weather. We hung out our wet things to dry in the sun and wind then enjoyed a lazy afternoon. Things were looking good again!

After dinner we had our regular guide briefing on what to expect the next day. We were told we would not stay at Barafu, but continue on to a higher camp known as Kosovo (presumably the person who established it as a high camp was from Kosovo and it reminded him of the bombed-out ruins of home). No reason was given for this change and I neglected to ask. It seemed like a good idea to me: we had plenty of time to go the additional distance, we would get an additional hour of sleep before the climb to the summit started and we were having little trouble with the altitude.

Of note were the final words of the briefing: “As we approach the high camp, you will see people returning from the summit. Do not let that disturb you.” We retired to our tents with our liter bottles of hot water and contemplated the possible meanings of the warning.