Mount Kilimanjaro

After hiking a short way it became apparent Arthur was not feeling well. We took a rest break, then Nicholas tucked Arthur's pack under his arm and we continued up. I was very concerned with Arthur's ability to continue and considering the possibility he would have to ditch the climb and go down before we reached the day's high point at Lava Tower. Would Kendal and I continue on in that case? I positioned myself behind Arthur to monitor his progress. His feet were dragging and on a couple of occasions I moved to break a possible fall as he teetered along. But he managed to stay upright. For the next 2-3 hours we made good time in spite of Arthur's condition, going “polepole” of necessity. By the time we were nearing the high point at Lava Tower, Arthur started feeling much better.

Where: 3.059703S 37.29745E Facing: ESE