Mount Kilimanjaro

This was a fairly short day of hiking. The Moorland ecology became thinner as we began the transition to an Alpine Desert environment. During the hike we ascended to over 13,000' before descending to camp. The clouds lurking below began to rise as the day warmed and it was raining by the time we arrived in camp for a late lunch. During lunch it began to rain in earnest. We cancelled the usual “conditioning hike” to the Shira Caves.

The guides had encouraged me to eat more than I should have at lunch and I soon felt ill with acid indigestion and reflux. I took two acid reducer pills and retired without dinner. The night before my back had bothered me; this night I slept on my back with my day pack under my knees and found it made a big difference in my comfort. There was probably an element of jet lag that caught up with me this day as well. Kendal and Arthur claimed the evening's meal was the best of the trip.

Where: 3.087685S 37.27508E Facing: E