Mount Kilimanjaro

The morning ritual is to be awakened at sunrise with a cup of tea or coffee in bed. We are each given a basin of warm water to wash up before going to breakfast in the dining tent ½ hour later. After breakfast we pack our things into our duffels for the porters to carry or into our day packs for ourselves. We are given 3 liters of boiled water, to which we add purification tablets to make sure it is safe. It probably was safe; we ate plenty of uncooked fruit and vegetables and drank the liquids served at meals with no problem. We added flavoring or rehydration salts to some of our water to provide a little variety.

The morning was clear and there were beautiful views of the mountain. The tents were coated in frost; though it was above freezing, it was cold enough for evaporation of the dew to cause frost to form.