Mount Kilimanjaro

There are toilets placed periodically along the trail, but they are generally filthy and even rotting through, giving real meaning to the admonition “don't fall in.” In addition, they are long drop squat toilets, making them awkward for those of us unaccustomed to them. We learned the code phrase “I'm going to see the monkeys” meant one was going to find a discrete place to relieve oneself. For the first two days this usually meant a couple of steps off the trail, but as we ascended to the desert-like areas it meant finding a large enough rock far enough from the trail to ensure privacy. While in camp, we had a small tent with a camp toilet (about as large as a medium sized ice chest) to serve the three of us. The camp toilet was emptied every day, presumably in an appropriate place. We appreciated the private toilet very much and thought the extra pay the toilet porter gets was well worth it.

Note: There is an effort underway to improve the toilet facilities at the camps, but even there we appreciated having a private toilet handy to our tents.