April through June, 2020

During our extended stay in PB, Pauline kept busy making face masks for anyone who needed them, customizing many of them to the customer's desires. She made over 100 face masks. Brandon and Kendal model their face masks above and a few variations are shown here.

Except for Samantha and Arthur, the kids were able to work from home. Samantha's job required her to be present, and Arthur was out of work for a short time before he could return on a limited basis as a chef. Kendal started doing online classes and could still visit the hives she maintains throughout the Bay Area. Alixandra's work as an event planner was cut back because so many events had to be cancelled or delayed. And, one of the events affected was Arthur and Alixandra's wedding. Rather than cancel or delay the wedding, they decided to downsize to meet limits on the size of gatherings. They may also do a webcast of the ceremony.

Where: 32.795436N 117.24594W