October through December, 2019

As noted in last quarter's report, Arthur and Alixandra were engaged. Planning for the wedding is now underway, including getting lots of pictures. Previews of their engagement pictures can be found at this link. They should be sending out “Save the Date” announcements soon.

Pauline's 70th birthday was in October, but we were not ready for a big celebration. Instead, Gary took her to an “undisclosed location” to take a break from our cares. Pauline was kept in suspense until the day before we left. The weather cooperated in that the day we left roads were good, we spent our second day snowed in (literally) at a spa, then had little trouble getting back the third day. We each had two 1½ hour massages at the spa and spent our time relaxing in the hot springs or watching movies in bed. Once we returned home it could be revealed our undisclosed location was Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, where we stayed in the Presidential Suite (apparently President Obama spent a night there once).