January through March, 2019

In early March Gary and Pauline each made a trip to the Bay Area to visit Kendal and Brandon, plus spend a little time with Arthur and Alixandra. Any visit with Kendal is likely to involve doing something with bees. We both got to help with her beekeeping classes – ranging from pre-school to adult – and help maintain the bee hives she maintains around the Bay Area. On one day, Gary helped split one thriving hive into three, which involves locating the queen bee – near center in this picture. (The queen is painted with a yellow dot to indicate she was born in 2017.) The two hives without queens have to be configured with appropriate resources so they can create a new queen. We left one queenless hive in the original location and loaded the two “new” hives into the SUV. While transporting the two beehives to their new locations, about 100 bees escaped but we managed to plug the leak and flush the fugitives out.

Where: 37.394433N 122.07062W