January through March, 2019

The New Year started with Pauline's recovery from the bad cold contracted in late December. In mid-January we hosted a baby shower for Xue, with about 26 attendees. While January weather in Bozeman was a bit dry but not unusual, it was an uncommonly rainy month in Pacific Beach. On the rare sunny days we enjoyed walking to the beaches. On a day with strong on-shore wind, we discovered a display of unusual kites.

Friends Phil and Joan came to visit in early January as part of a plan to attend the Los Angeles Philharmonic for two concerts. We had planned to take the train to LA, but it turned out to be much cheaper and convenient to let the Tesla drive us (about 270 miles round trip). Between concerts we visited The Getty Center, which has free charging stations in the parking garage. Our 5-hour visit got us about 100 miles more range –

Oh, yes – exhibits at the Getty Center were amazing and the concerts were great, with Zubin Mehta conducting! The Disney Concert Hall is impressive and the French Fries organ inspired us to plan a return next year for an organ concert.

Where: 32.780511N 117.25323W