January through March, 2018

We are anticipating the day we will no longer want to deal with the hardships of living in Montana (long winters, muddy springs, dry air, ...) and agreed southern California would have a kinder climate and put us closer to the kids and grandkids. We wanted a place we could walk to parks, beaches, restaurants and shopping and have a short commute to the benefits of a large city. We were familiar with Pacific Beach (a suburb of San Diego) and began our search there. We soon found a new home under construction in a nice neighborhood and decided to buy it so we can take breaks there and prepare it as our eventual full-time home. The address is: 1259 Thomas Avenue, Pacific Beach, CA 92109. Details are available on Zillow.com – for a while.

The actual purpose of our trip was to see granddaughter Lauren perform in the school play: Oklahoma. She played several small parts and is looking forward to larger parts next year, when she will be in middle school.