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April through June, 2017

Vacation Time

We were gone for a substantial portion of this quarter, traveling to Peru, Chile and French Polynesia. We avoided Machu Pichu and opted instead for a week-long riverboat tour of the Upper Amazon. In Chile we visited the wine coutry and toured Valpariaso. In French Polynesia we went to four islands (Tahiti, Bora Bora, Rangiroa, and Fakarava), accompanying Dan and Kristy on one of their World Wide Diving Adventures tours. The trip involved 16 air flights in 31 days. In the future, we will do less flying!

The MSU students did not get any “new” pictures this year, just more pictures of elk, deer, coyotes, and themselves. The size of the class has grown to the point their field work has to be split into two groups. The number of cameras they place is so large now we have a hard time avoiding them on our walks around the property.

Sadly, Gary's mother passed away in April. We were on the road visiting family when she declined rapidly and passed away before we could get back. Details can be found here.

So far, this has been a bad year for deaths. Gary's stepmother Luvina died in February, followed by deaths of friends in Wales, in Colorado, and in the canyon, plus our neighbor Charlie Papke.


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