October through December, 2016

This has been another 3 elk year. Friend Ken got his bull and cow early in the season, in spite of the unusually mild weather. Due to the abundance of elk in the area Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks sent us a letter encouraging us to allow hunting on our property for a special “shoulder season” lasting from the end of the regular season (Thanksgiving weekend) to January 1.

Marcus decided to try his luck, and brought along father-in-law Bob. At the beginning of December the weather finally turned cold and snowy, causing large herds of elk to camp out at our place. Marcus and Bob jumped in the truck and drove up from San Diego to do some hunting. They could have shot two elk before getting to the house: a large number of elk were sheltering above the creek next to the driveway. They decided to wait until they were better prepared. Marcus got his elk two days later, but the ensuing commotion must have scared the herd away and Bob did not get a shot in the days following. This picture shows Ken (kneeling) and Marcus preparing the kill to haul down the hill and take to the processor. Marcus wrote a detailed account of the adventure here.