April through June, 2016

10 May: Four days ago we took the snow plow off the truck. Two days ago we were working the garden in shirt sleeves. Today we woke to over 8 inches of snow and a blizzard. We were supposed to drive 6 hours to attend an evening event in Kalispell and stay overnight before returning. As we started to the garage at about 8:30 with the last bit of luggage the power failed. While power outages in the canyon are common, this outage affected all of Bozeman.

Not wanting to open the garage door manually and take a chance on being able to get it locked shut, we chose to wait. The power came on an hour later. We headed out, figuring we would arrive just in time for the event. After very short distance we decided road conditions would slow us down too much and headed back to phone in our regrets and take tea in front of the fire. The storm continued to rage past bedtime, depositing more snow and drifting to over 3 feet deep in the driveway. The storm had been predicted to be rain with a little snow, ending by noon.