July through September, 2015

On August 26 Gary let Rosie out at 7:05am and she immediately started barking. Looking to see what she might be barking at, he saw that a house belonging to Bob and DeeDee Rasmus was completely engulfed in flames. An emergency vehicle was controlling traffic below so someone had already called 911. Bob had maintained defensible space around the house. However, that space is intended to protect the house from the trees, not vice-versa. Fortunately there was no wind to speak of. Eight fire departments from the area soon arrived and started making sure the fire did not spread into the forest (since the house was already a total loss). People in surrounding homes prepared to evacuate. The fire soon subsided and no further damage was done.

Bob and DeeDee were awakened by their dogs once the house was well involved and just managed to escape in their pajamas with the dogs, sustaining some minor burns. They had no money, credit cards, driver's license, cars, clothing, .... The source of the fire is under investigation. It appears the fire started on wooden decks outside the house and did not set off indoor fire alarms until it had encompassed much of the house.

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