July through September, 2015

After Kilimanjaro, Gary, Kendal and Arthur met Pauline and others in Durban, South Africa, then took a 7-hour shuttle ride to rustic Mbotyi River Lodge on the Wild Coast of South Africa on the Indian Ocean. The geology of the Wild Coast and the consequent lack of roads makes travel up and down the coast very difficult. Even hiking the rugged 174 mile coast takes a strong hiker 25 days.

While the divers took in the Greatest Shoal on Earth, we toured some of the many waterfalls in the area; pictured here is Waterfall Bluff. Arthur (yellow) and Kendal (orange) along with Brandon and friend Evan can be seen on the ledges near the bottom of the falls. We also took a flight in a microlight to see some of the falls from the air.

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Where: 31.434722S 29.82361E Facing: NNW