January through March, 2014

The MSU Wildlife Techniques (WILD 373) course we hosted several years ago was offered again this year and they again took advantage of our convenient location to do field work. The elk have been hanging around our property a lot this Winter because of deep snows driving them to the easier food here. The elk attract predators, so there was hope of getting interesting pictures – probably coyotes or a mountain lion (it was too early for bears). It was a mild surprise when one of the cameras caught a wolf on the prowl. We have many coyotes in the area and they are often mistaken for wolves, but the identifying features are clear. Besides, the professor and many of his graduate students have done extensive research on the role of wolves in Yellowstone Park, so they know a wolf when they see one. There have been reliable sightings by our immediate neighbors in Bridger Canyon in 2008 and 2005, but this may be the first pictorial evidence of one in the past decade or so. See more wolf pictures here.

We are still hoping for a picture of a mountain lion; we know they are around.