October through December, 2012

We began our Fall quarter with a RoadTrek camping trip to Yellowstone Park. In the past we have spent nights in hotels in the park; this was our first time “camping.” Local friends Phil and Joan accompanied us in their own RoadTrek. We had all been to Yellowstone many times so our intent was to get out and see things we miss when taking visitors on day trips.

Each of the first two days we did 5 mile hikes to see sights well off the road. This is breeding season for elk and bison and the bears are bulking up for Winter so we were constantly on the lookout for danger and were armed with plenty of bear spray. We had planned a loop for our first hike but came upon a sign saying the planned return trail was closed due to “bear activity” and had to return the way we came. On our second hike we encountered a badger digging a den. He kept a wary eye on us as we walked by at a safe distance.