Bridger Canyon Lodge

Our New Home — Progress Reports

After the events of 6 December 2005, we will start a new log of web reports to chronicle our progress.

The new reports can be found here.

Starting in January, 2006, reports will be issued at the end of the month, rather than in the middle of the month.

December, 2005 Disaster
November, 2005 Winter Arrives!
October, 2005 Pipeline!
September, 2005 The Great Leap Forward
August, 2005 Ramping Up
July, 2005 Vacation Time
June, 2005 ½ a Roof Over Our Heads
May, 2005 Beam Me Up, Scotty!
April, 2005 Decisions, Decisions
March, 2005 Construction Resumes
February, 2005 Getting Back on Track
January, 2005 Introducing Pumpkin Chips
December, 2004 Ooops
November, 2004 Pauline Moves In
October, 2004 Via Satellite!
September, 2004 Rain, Rain, Go Away
August, 2004 Weeds, Bugs and Progress
July, 2004 Pauline Arrives
June, 2004 Gary and Arthur Relocate
May, 2004 Ground Breaking for the Main House
April, 2004 Gary Reviews Revised Plans
March, 2004 Gary Reviews the Budget
February, 2004 Winter Break
January 20-27, 2004 Carriage House Projects
January, 2004 We all check out the Carriage House
December, 2003 Checking out the Carriage House
November, 2003 Gary and Pauline do a project review
August, 2003 Gary and Arthur go to school
July, 2003 Gary goes to school
June/July, 2003 We all go camping
May, 2003 Another Quick Trip for Project Review
April, 2003 A Quick Trip for Project Review
March, 2003 Gary and Pauline go skiing
February, 2003 Gary, Kendal and AV go skiing
January, 2003 We Close the Deal
November, 2002 Revisiting the Sites
October, 2002 Looking for Building Sites (Aerial Photos)
August/September, 2002 We find a property we like

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