North Ridge of Mount Stuart

After 22 pitches, we reached the summit at about 1PM. It was still early enough to do more and we had food for another day, so I wanted to traverse to Sherpa Peak and climb the balanced rock, but Dave needed to get home and could not risk the extra day (at least) in the mountains such an endeavor would require. Getting to Sherpa would mean traversing nearly one mile of class 3, 4 and 5 ridge. Besides, we were low on water and would have to exist on what snow we could eat. We descended via Ulrich's Couloir, the easiest route up and down the mountain, requiring no belays for the careful climber. We spent a comfortable night at Ingalls Creek, in spite of temperatures in the mid 30s; at least the mosquitoes did not bother us! A short hike the next morning got us to the car.