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January through March, 2018


It is interesting to note the advance of Internet technology here at Bridger Canyon Lodge. When we first moved into the Carriage House in spring of 2004, we had a 24kbps telephone connection to the web. In October of 2004 we graduated to a satellite connection. But satellites have their problems as well, including: propagation delay, very limited upstream bandwidth, budgeted data, and atmospheric interference. When we moved up to the Main House in 2007, we were able to switch to a line of sight, land-based microwave system with a “blazing” one megabit of bandwidth (most urban homes were getting 5-10 times that). In 2017 the phone company laid fiber optic cable up the canyon; suddenly, both the Carriage House and Main House had access to 15-20 megabit downstream and 1 megabit upstream connectivity each. Meanwhile, our microwave service upgraded to provide 15-20 megabits downstream and 5-8 megabits upstream!

Gary is restructuring our internal LAN to route traffic through both Internet connections, based on the needs of the 20+ IoT devices that have sprouted up around the house; even our bed talks to the Internet now. Another technology breakthrough came in the form of cell service. While the Canyon zoning still severely limits cell towers, the access to higher upstream bandwidth enabled us to install our own small cell tower in the kitchen. After 13 years in the canyon, we can finally make and receive cell calls.


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