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July through September, 2016

Home, Mostly

Professor Jean-Loup Baer and Gary

Having arrived back home mid-July from a month in France followed by a few days in Amsterdam, we spent most of this quarter in and around home.

The one significant trip we took was to attend an 80th birthday party for Gary's PhD advisor, Jean-Loup Baer. Gary was Jean-Loup's first PhD student, and it is difficult for them to forget each other's birthday as they were born exactly 10 years and one day apart. Gary makes up a new story for each of these occasions to explain how Jean-Loup came to be his advisor; this year the story was that, as the most junior faculty member at the time, Jean-Loup had the last choice of advisees.

In dressing for this party, Gary made a guess regarding what Jean-Loup would wear and tried to approximate it:

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