October through December, 2013

UPDATE 2: Dan felt recovered enough from his foot surgery on November 27 that the appearance of several elk around the Carriage House prompted a call to Ken. They drove a short distance up the old road before spotting the elk across the creek. Dan was able to take the shot from inside the truck*, killing a 2nd year cow elk. He cannot get around without crutches and was not able to help in recovering the kill, so Ken and Gary hiked over to get it. The carcass was located here (zoom in to see the detail around the markers on the map). Because of the steep terrain on either side of the creek, they had to haul the kill north on a game trail to get out of the brush, down through the trees to the west trail then south to the driveway, a total of over ½ mile. Near the driveway they could load it into Ken's truck. Ken and Gary agree that they deserve a big share of the meat after the 2½ hour ordeal through brush and down steep slopes.

* In Montana it is legal to shoot game from a vehicle if and only if: (a) you are disabled, or (b) you are on private property.

Where: 45.712513N 110.93529W