October through December, 2013

In late August Neko was diagnosed with liver cancer. She was in such bad condition we were afraid she was going to die while we were away in Europe. The vet put her on a special diet that does not stress her liver and she quickly found life worth living again. However, we know her time is limited.

Since we plan to stay home until mid-April and wanted to make sure Pumpkin has a companion, we decided the time was right to get a new puppy. Rosie is another rescue dog; like Pumpkin, she is from a local reservation and is thought to be part German Shepard and part Border Collie. Pumpkin and Neko had their doubts about this addition at first, but Pumpkin has adopted Rosie as her annoying little sister and Rosie thinks Pumpkin is the best big sister in the world. There are more pictures of Rosie here.