July through September, 2013

Last year it appeared the Spruce Budworm would be as bad in 2013 as it was in 2006. In 2007 a number of our neighbors decided to spray, which turned out to be a needless expense. This year saw the same scenario play out: we woke to hear the sound of an airplane buzzing the canyon at low altitude. A trail of mist followed the airplane, often extending over properties that did not want spraying. We, along with what appears to the be the majority of the canyon, were not happy that no advance notice was given since there are many potential problems, including spooked livestock, dangers to those with compromised immune systems and damage to other species of moths and butterflies.

It appears that the problem again resolved itself naturally, as shown in our own pictorial record. Our feeling is that protecting large tracts of trees from a naturally occurring pest is best done by maintaining a healthy forest rather than by spraying.