October through December, 2011

November is hunting season and friend Ken was happy to hunt on our property again. In the past we have said “no white-tail and no moose,” but the white-tail population has increased so we told him to try for one. He bagged a doe and a 4x4 buck within a few days. The buck had an injured rear leg, so he probably would not have evaded predators this Winter anyhow. These deer are rather small, so our share of the meat will be much less than for an elk. Ken passed up a shot at a 6x6 bull elk — a real trophy for the Bridgers. He said it was close to the Main House and did not want to alarm us. We told him to take the shot next time!

In case FWP checks out our site: Ken did not know about the camera and we do not share any information with him. In fact, he got his two deer far from the camera site. We do not hunt and only use the camera to see what wildlife is on the property; we chose this site because a mountain lion killed a deer here two years ago. For more pictures from the camera, click here.