October through December, 2010

Snow started in earnest the second week of November. Hunter friend Ken started coming up before sunrise to look for elk. The night of November 14, we went to sleep to the sound of elk bugling; at 8am the next morning Jennie called to say Ken had an elk. It was close to the place he bagged one last year, so it was an easy task to get it down to the drive in his game sled and load it up – with some help from Dan and Jennie. This bull was a 4x5. Check out the antlers here.

Pauline spent most of November in Southern California taking care of our new grand-daughter. Gary took the RoadTrek down to spend a few days and bring her back. During the trip home the storm gods unleashed a string of snow falls that enabled Bridger Bowl to announce they would open two weeks early. Good news, except it made for a harrowing drive back. On arrival to single digit temperatures, we drove the ice-covered RT directly to a heated hangar it will share with a local hobbyist's F-86 jet fighter.