July through September, 2010

Pumpkin is not so circumspect when it comes to bears, however. During a hike around the property Jennie and Gary did as a dry run for a yearly Weed Hike we host, Pumpkin dashed ahead and started barking at something on the trail. We heard a commotion and caught up to find her at the base of a tree containing this very healthy but frightened Black Bear almost 5 times her size. The bear appeared to be entertaining thoughts of coming down, so we applied dog psychology by pretending not to care about the bear and continued on. Pumpkin soon gave up and rejoined us. During the incident, Neko gave a few obligatory barks and stuck by us. Fortunately, there aren't any known Grizzly Bears in Bridger Canyon, but it could happen; it isn't far to their range north of Yellowstone Park. And, it is good that Pumpkin did not run into the mother and cubs.