January through March, 2010

We hosted the MSU Wildlife Management Techniques course for a second time. Students placed five motion-sensitive cameras around the property to see what animals wander by. One camera placement was near the skeleton of a deer kill left by a mountain lion last November. A month later, students practiced use of telemetry equipment and collected data from the cameras. Click here to see a gallery of selected pictures. They have left the cameras to see if they get pictures of bears when temperatures warm up.

While placing cameras the students spotted two moose. Two weeks later we saw the two juveniles we pictured last Memorial Day and suspect they are the ones the students saw. The pair have grown quite a bit since Spring and will probably be ready for mating Fall of 2010. A day after our sighting, guests Dale and Kathy spotted the smaller of the two and we used snow shoes to track him (or her) through the property.