Yellowstone National Park
Cody, Wyoming

2 October 2009
6–7 October 2009

We took Jan and Mike to Yellowstone on October 2, during a one-day respite in what turned out to be a two-week snow storm. During a second respite on October 6, we travelled with Colleen, Jan, Mike, Marcus, Samantha and Lauren to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming, and returned the next day through Yellowstone in a snow storm.

Cody is a quaint western town with a population of less than 9,000, and is the largest city in a 100 mile radius (108 miles to Billings, population 90,000). In spite of the small population and remote location, it is the host city of a remarkable complex of 5 museums celebrating the life of William F. Cody, western natural history, Native American history, western art and firearms. While in Cody, we stayed and ate at the historic Irma Hotel.

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We stopped for the obligatory check on the progress of Canary Spring. Previous shots can be found here. Many of the trees are recognizable, but the terraces are building up and moving to the right.

A wide shot of the Canary Spring area looks like an alien landscape.

One of the reasons thermal features move quickly is that anything falling in is soon incorporated into the structure due to fossilization by the minerals in the water.

On the way to Cody, we stopped at Bogart's in Red Lodge for lunch. They had about 40" of snow in the previous several days.

On both of our excursions, we encountered cowboys herding cattle down the highway.

Plan to spend one full day here, or more if you are a person who enjoys museums. We spent one afternoon and one morning touring exhibits.

On the return from Cody, Samantha, Marcus, Pauline and Lauren posed near the Dragon's Mouth at the Mud Volcano area in Yellowstone.

This grizzly was so large we thought he was a bison at first sight. Gary left the telephoto lens at home, but snow would have blurred the shot anyhow (as in this telephoto by friend Colleen).

A 6 by 6 bull elk was guarding his harem at the Mammoth Visitor Center. Walking from one building to another can be dangerous!

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