January through March, 2009

For those interested in the new lift at Bridger Bowl, Gary accompanied Arthur for a couple of runs and reported on the skiing there.

In early February, we went cross-country skiing in Yellowstone. In this photo Jennie, Dan and Pauline stop next to bison relaxing in the snow. At this time of year they are too concerned with conserving energy and finding food to take notice of humans. We saw elk, a pair of bald eagles (it's mating season), mountain sheep (see below) and a lone coyote. Along the trail were what appeared to be wolf tracks and scat.

After skiing, we hiked to the confluence of the Boiling River (140°F) and Gardner River (35°F) to enjoy a soak in the waters. It was snowing hard by then so we did not take out the camera, but this link captures the experience well. The strategy is to find a comfortable spot in the confluence and get warm enough to dry off, dress and hike ½ mile through the snow before getting cold.