October through December, 2008

As with much of the rest of the country, the last half of December brought snow and cold. We had a low of -20°F one night and several days never went above 0°F; it seemed balmy when it got into the 20's one day. On two occasions the low temperature sensor for the Mud Room set off the alarm system and brought Dan and Jennie up to try to restore peace and quiet — we have a klaxon sound at the Carriage House as well as the Main House in case we are away when something goes wrong. Gary had the sensor replaced with one that trips at 40 (rather than 50) degrees and put automatic heat tape on the pipes in the Mud Room.

The large pile of snow to the northeast of the house is one of three piles accumulated from clearing the upper parking area. While living in Canada, Gary learned to push the early season snow far enough away to make room for the end of the season snow. In addition to this pile, there are large piles at the lower parking area, several piles at the very bottom of the drive and snow banks along the length of the drive. The huge piles we have built up west of the Carriage House serve a purpose: they have twice prevented Arthur's friends from going over the edge when they descended the drive too fast.

Each time we plow puts between 6 and 8 miles on the truck.