October through December, 2008

Elk season was not uniformly extended across the state. It ended the weekend after Thanksgiving for our district, but was extended by 3 weeks for the district immediately across the highway (aka Bridger Canyon Road). Not surprisingly, small herds of elk started showing up at our place shortly after the season ended on our side of the highway.

As we did last year, we cut our own Christmas tree from the huge assortment growing on our property. This year we did not expect a large contingent of family and guests to impress on Christmas Day so we planned to cut a smaller (6 foot) tree. It is difficult to judge sizes when surrounded by a forest of tall trees; we came back to the house with a 10 foot tree. After shortening it by one foot to eliminate irregular branches, the tree was still taller than we planned but there was no reason to shorten it further. The next day was a good day to stay indoors and decorate the tree as there was a 10°F blizzard outside. Thankfully, we could use a shorter ladder to decorate this year's tree!