A Room With a View

While the sun does not shine into the house in July, as Winter approaches we get intense sun all day. Glass filters out much of the UV radiation, but enough gets through to affect leather, fabrics and wood. We added roller shades to help reduce the UV. These shades allow enough light through that we can see out and they absorb the sun's heat. Standing next to them, one can feel the heat that is dissipating into the room. A ceiling fan helps disperse the heat through the house. Even during freezing weather, the house stays above 70° while the sun is out.

Now that we are out of the gully the Carriage House sits in, we can see homes across the Canyon. Although the homes are a mile or more away, we feel much less secluded here and miss that aspect of the Carriage House. The dogs, on the other hand, seem to like the expanded horizon and spend a lot of time scanning the area below the house for "unwelcome" visitors.