September, 2006

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

We are taking a tour of the southwestern US for the remainder of this month, so the report is being sent out early. We'll be back on schedule for October.

Looking South – 05 Sep 2006
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Smoke from a number of fires has been blowing our way for several days. A "complex" of fires is about 20 miles SSE and the Derby Fire is about 50 miles ESE. We face no direct threat from the fires, but the smoke is bad enough to cause health concerns. We have limited any activity requiring exertions outdoors until the wind changes. The Derby fire is currently the highest priority fire in the contiguous US, and officials say it may not be completely extinguished until heavy December snows come.

Visitors for September were John and Janet, from Orcas Island. They helped Gary celebrate his 0x3Cth birthday, along with about 12 other people Pauline invited as a surprise. We also visited Yellowstone Park for a day and sighted a moose!

In addition to the coyotes howling at night, we now have elk bugling as the fall mating season approaches. This all sets the dogs to barking frequently.

06 Sep, looking SE: the concrete and steel to the south of the garage was damaged by the fire and had to be removed and replaced. A temporary post has been put in (to the left of the ladder, on a jack) and the old one cut out. Now a new section of I-beam is being welded in. Next, a new post will be put in. Then the same operation will be done for the damaged post and I-beam to the right. Finally, a new section of concrete roof can be poured to cover the Mud Room. Once this work was finished, Gary spent over 8 hours cleaning away the foam insulation where the new steel pan will join the old to form the base into which concrete is poured.

19 Sep, looking WNW: Most of the lower level of the main floor is covered. This level includes the Great Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pantry and Master Suite. Two steps up will be the Hallway, West Bedrooms and Library. The Entry and Office are another two steps up. The effect will be as though one enters on a stage and descends into the public areas of the house. At left is the area where the large South Patio can be accessed from the Dining Room and Kitchen. In the foreground is where one can exit from the Master Suite to a private patio. The concrete "skirt" exterior will be finished with stucco.

Be sure to check out the Main House Progress

Parting Shot
Pumpkin Checks the Floor Joists
(camera facing NW)

It snowed two days ago; there is still a bit on the crest of the mountains at upper right.

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