September, 2006

Yellowstone Park with John and Janet

In addition to the moose and bear pictured below, we saw a young osprey still sitting on a precariously placed nest, elk with impressive antlers, bison and some mountain goats. We did not take a picture of the elk or bison (having too many such pictures already). The osprey and goats were too far away to get a good shot.

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This is the second time in about 45 years of trips to Yellowstone that Gary has seen a moose. We have actually seen more (3) on our property and have a picture of one .

This black bear was right next to the road and attracted a large crowd. He was more interested in eating than posing. Rangers soon came and chased people away.

On the "trail" to the best view of Yellowstone Falls.

The Falls.

The platform at Canary Spring has been raised since last year .