August, 2006

Suitable for Framing
(thanks to Three Dog Night )

The Foundation is Done!

Looking South
The east (left) half of the foundation was a complex undertaking, finally finished 10 August. Now framing can begin. The framers have set up a storage unit for tools at right. The 1,000 gallon tank will be placed in the crawl space to act as a buffer for water coming from the well at the Carriage House. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

July was very hot, but August brought normal temperatures. Still, smoke from forest fires as far away as Idaho have resulted in LA-like smog and health warnings. We often spend early morning doing heavy work like mowing, cutting trees, killing weeds and cleaning up the construction site. We cleared a lot of underbrush, saplings and dead trees from the aspen grove. The contrast between August and June is plain to see. When it greens up again next Spring, it should be a much healthier stand of trees.

To keep busy later in the day when the temperature rises, Gary makes picture frames and Pauline makes quilts.

The first weekend in August is the Sweet Pea Festival, and we got roped in again. The day before the parade, we got a call that the truck that was to pull the float was not properly equipped; our truck is, so we volunteered to pick up the trailer and Gary drove 3MPH down the double yellow line of Main Street. Pauline was on the float behind the truck, so neither of us had much of a view of the parade. Fortunately, the 100° weather of the previous weekend had passed; at 11AM, the temperature was a very pleasant 66°. The parade route and slow pace gave Gary a chance to muse that it will be a few more months before the blue light flashes.

31 August (looking SE): The exterior walls of the lower level are framed. Some structural steel needs to be added, then the floor joists can be installed. The 1,000 gallon water tank has moved since the picture at top was taken; it needs to be put into the crawl space before the joists can go up. We are short 2 framers for now, but hope to have a full crew within a week.

This month, Kendal came with boyfriend Jake to visit. Among our activities was an attempt to climb Ross Peak and a visit to Yellowstone Park.

Friends who stopped for a short visit were Brent, Gina, Hayden, and Brent's father Bill.

We have reached an agreement with our insurance company ( Zurich ) regarding how to conduct joint litigation against the other insurance companies. We're quite happy with Zurich and have a policy with them for the new construction.

Pumpkin and Neko treed another black bear this month. It was not the same one they treed in May; that was cinnamon colored and this was a small (2nd or 3rd year) bear of black coloration. Short of keeping the dogs indoors the rest of the year, we are at a loss to prevent this. Once they are after the bear, there is no stopping them. And we don't try to go after them, as we might become a victim ourselves. The berries are abundant this year, and bear activity at the creek is already high. The season for hyperphagia is just starting; the bears will become less tolerant of any interruption in their feeding so there is cause for concern.

Be sure to check out the Main House Progress

Parting Shot
Pumpkin and Neko Survey the Canyon

Pumpkin and Neko rest in the shade of a snag on the lower part of the West Ridge of the property. This telephoto shot makes the other side of the canyon appear closer than it actually is.

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