Yellowstone Park

With Kendal and Jake

We took a new route to Yellowstone, via Quake Lake, which was formed in August of 1959 when a large earthquake caused the side of a mountain to slide into the Madison River. This was the 47th anniversary of the landslide that killed 28 people and injured many more.

The forest fires in the area and the threat of thunder storms gave the approach to Yellowstone a Mordor-like appearance. However, once we got into the park, the air cleared and there were only scattered showers.

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Bald Eagle
The best place to see these is along the Madison River going into the park from the West Entrance.

White Dome Geyser
We like to stop by this one because it erupts every 25 minutes (usually), and we can see a geyser somewhat like Old Faithful close up and without crowds. Bring a lunch and stop here to eat!

Clepsydra Geyser
Essentially erupts continuously since the August, 1959, earthquake that formed Quake Lake . It does vary in intensity at irregular intervals.

Gary and Pauline stand in the steam from Clepsydra Geyser .

Kendal and Jake stroll along the walk at the Midway Geyser Basin, near the Grand Prismatic Spring . When the sun is shining into the springs, the steam picks up their colors.

Watch your hat! Here are 3, and this was not a particularly windy day.

Looking down about 100' to some springs while on the path to Artist Paint Pots .

The bubble just burst.

Artist Paint Pots (1.3MB Movie)
It was spitting mud onto portions of the walkway. If you look closely, there are bits of mud popping up several feet.