22 August, 2006

Attempt on Ross Peak

As part of Kendal and Jake's visit, we made an attempt to climb Ross Peak. It looks very imposing from many angles. During the winter it has very little snow on it, indicating that it is in fact quite steep. It is also worth noting that this is the one summit on the Bridger Ridge Run (see below) that the runners go around rather than over! An acquaintance of ours attempted the same route, making it a bit further than we did, but came to the same conclusion.

(click on pictures to view larger version)

After about 3 miles of rough 4WD road, we finally had to abandon the truck and start hiking. It is about 3 miles of hiking from the truck to Ross Pass, to the left (south) of the mountain.

Jake and Kendal pause for a rest at the pass (7,600’). The route is more or less directly up from where Jake stands, followed by a long traverse to the left on the summit ridge. Ross Peak is 9,004', so we have a fair amount of elevation gain left.

Kendal poses at our high point; Jake's shoes were not up to the loose scree, so he stopped about 200' below. We probably had another 500' to the summit ridge, but felt that better shoes and rock helmets would be advised. We did have a rope, intended only for use in a retreat if we got into trouble.

Jake backs down some of the final rock on the way down. This gives some idea of the steepness and of the loose rock.

The Bridger Ridge Run, a 20 mile run along the crest of the Bridger Mountains, was held August 12. Last year, the race was held on August 13 in a snow storm. This year, the weather was a little kinder: temperatures were in the 50's. Follow the link for some pictures and maps of the route. Anyone wanting to participate in next year's race should sign up now; it is limited to 250 runners and is typically over-subscribed.