June, 2006

Lawyers In Love
Jackson Browne

(Apologies to our Lawyer friends)

This month brought a return to legal and insurance matters. Our company settled up long ago, but we still have to determine what we may be able to extract from other companies. This may drag on for several years. While sitting in on a conference call where our lawyer traded jargon with the insurance company lawyers, Gary was reminded of an old hit song:

"Am I the only one who hears the screams
And the strangled cries of lawyers in love?"

The report is a bit late this month since we were on vacation to Lake Tahoe.

There is a pleasant path through Aspens from the Carriage House up to the Main House site. Later in the Summer, it is the cool, shady way to go up to the Main House site to check on progress.

As Spring winds down, the flowers along the path are so dense the smell can be overpowering. If only our readers had InterSmell they would be able to experience it for themselves — instead, they will just have to visit us in mid to late June! Pictured at left are the Lupines and Sticky Geraniums (gooey, not prickly) common along the path. There are also many Wild Roses and Mountain Irises. A few more flowers are pictured here, but the varieties are too numerous to show them all.

The big thing for this month was to get the foundation in place. The picture at right shows the piers for the eastern half of the foundation. The eastern foundation walls will sit on the piers, a situation required by the disturbance created by the removal of the old foundation. (Note that piers may appear to lean because of the artifact of blending two pictures into one to get a panorama.)

In Memoriam

We are sad to report the passing of one of our closest friends in the Canyon. Bryce Carnine was the sort of person who always wanted to do good for his fellow man. He retired to Bridger Canyon and was very active on the volunteer fire department and as an EMT. One evening at dinner, we asked him if he would have done anything differently in his life; his reply was that he would have become an MD instead of a veterinarian so he could help people. When our house was on fire, he came in spite of his illness to see if he could do anything. He may not have realized the effect this had — his effort put everything into perspective for us: we could not possibly feel sorry for our situation compared to his. The memorial service was held at the fire station, and there was not a dry eye to be found. The obituary in the local paper is here.

Parting Shot

In early June, rain and warm weather makes everything green . Above, a rainbow arches over our Main House site (immediately left of center). This picture was taken by the Carnines from their home across the canyon.

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