Yellowstone Park

May 10, 2006

We went through the park and on to Cody, Wyoming, with friends Mike and Lisa. Early May is a good time to visit the park, since many of the animals come out to replenish themselves from the long winter. Also, there are a lot of new-born animals about. In Cody, we visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

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Elk with new antlers sprouting. New antlers are covered with "velvet" which is later rubbed off on trees and bushes to reveal the hard antler. This one is still a bit shaggy from Winter.

A coyote stalks a bison. The bison was not amused and later charged the coyote. It is unlikely that a coyote could do any harm to a healthy bison like this.

The falls at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Note the snow and ice still at the base of the falls.