Concrete Saw

This is the saw used to cut through the concrete wall and roof at the south and east side of the garage. It is over 2' in diameter and can cut through over 10" thick concrete. The blackened cement was not protected by insulation (note the yellow patches where insulation was stripped for the cutting).

Dirt was removed from the roof and the roof cut made from above; no-one wanted to be under the tons of concrete while the roof was being cut. Several diagonal steel braces were added to prevent the steel support columns from collapsing when the southeast wall (right of picture) was pulled out.

Note that a few feet into the garage (left of picture), there is little damage, while a couple of feet to the right the only traces remaining of a steel fire door were remnants of the door knob. At some places in the house, temperatures were hot enough to melt aluminum (1,220°F) and glass.