September, 2005

Yellowstone Park

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Marcus and Paul contemplate Canary Spring. In the past six months or so, the spring has begun to encroach on the new walkway that was installed just prior to our visit in February, 2004.

This bison graciously consented to a close-up shot (we were safely inside the car).

Pauline braves Uncle Tom's Trail — a 500' descent, parts of which are on a steel grate stairway anchored to the side of a cliff.

Marcus, Pauline and Paul at the bottom of Uncle Tom's Trail; Yellowstone Falls in the background. This hike is worth the close-up view one gets of the falls.

Of course, it is 500' back up, and the air is thin at 8,000' elevation.

Paul and Pauline contemplate a thermal pool next to Yellowstone Lake.

And no first timer (Marcus and Paul) wants to miss Old Faithful.

The real reason Marcus and Paul came to Bozeman was to fish the local rivers. Here, Paul shows off one he caught.