Around Bridger Canyon Lodge

August and September, 2005

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A Big Sage

John and Pat sit on Attila's Throne

Pat and John walk through the steam of a thermal feature at Yellowstone; Arthur kneels to take a picture at extreme right

Pauline, Kathy and Dale hiking down the "East Ridge" to the Main House.

Kathy and Dale sit on Attila's Throne

This Canada Thistle did not produce flowers (or seeds) due to Urophora Cardui [this is a Good Thing]

Gary waits for Kendal and Kris to catch up on Sacagawea Peak. The Gallatin Valley stretches out in the background.

Gary, Kendal and Kris at the summit of Sacagawea Peak (9,665'). Smoke from forest fires in Idaho made it too hazy to see much.