March, 2005

Construction Resumes

We finally completed the remaining formalities and got the permit to resume construction. The lack of a permit did not stop us from taking care of a number of details leading up to actual construction; we got equipment and materials delivered, familiarized new subcontractors with the work to be done and got estimates from them. Thus, we were able to get a running start once the permit was official.

Reading for this month was Franklin and Winston, an in-depth look at the personal and political relationship of Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Perhaps fitting reading given the current relationship of Bush and Blair.

A "neighbor" across the canyon got some better shots of deer as well as pictures of our house. Check them out.

One of the side benefits of resuming construction is that the workmen bring dogs that are used to playing with other dogs. Neko really enjoys this; the dog pictured here is one of her favorite play mates. However, Pumpkin is not yet sure if he wants to eat her or play with her. He is actually much gentler than Neko.

Pumpkin has a tendency to sleep in odd positions. Check out this one! And Neko carefully monitors the comings and goings of the workers.

Friends Mike and Lisa visited us for most of a week. Here Pauline takes a picture of them on a snow shoe trip in the northern Bridger Range. The Crazy Mountain Range is in the background. Pauline and Gary had walked up this road without snow shoes about a week earlier; a good snow storm dumped about 6" after that, which made the skiers very happy.

We also took a guided snow shoe tour in Yellowstone Park, where the ranger educated us regarding the subnivean environment.

Now that construction has resumed, there are a lot of questions to be answered: what are the exterior color schemes, exactly where does the HVAC equipment go, what plumbing fixtures will be installed, what is the rough landscaping layout, what appliances go where, ...? Things are really moving now; we have a framing crew, an HVAC crew and a plumbing crew on the job. We hope to have a second framing crew on the job soon. Still, the anticipated finish date is not until mid-December.

After weeks of dry, sunny weather, Bridger Bowl has had 36" of snow in the past 4 days. That gave Gary the opportunity to try out his new powder skis. Pauline has been taking ski lessons and has progressed to skiing some of the easier black diamond runs. The snow does not hamper construction; even though we are 8 miles from Bridger Bowl, there are only traces of snow here.

Be sure to check out the Main House Progress