December, 2004


We got a rude surprise just after our November report: the county wanted us to submit a request to get a permit for building the Main House. Apparently, the contractor had neglected to obtain the necessary permits. This created a lot of ill will all around, and required us to stop construction on the Main House. With some luck, we will be able to resume construction at the end of February (with a new contractor). Further details are omitted to protect both the innocent and the guilty.

Pauline attended a Bridger Canyon Women's Club luncheon, where she met the current owners of the Guardian Spirit. We now have yet another confirmation of the superstition that one must pay proper respect to the whale as one travels to and from skiing at Bridger Bowl. Apparently, there are more superstitions that include monetary offerings and candle-light ceremonies that the owners are not invited to!

We were invited to Thanksgiving by our neighbors who border the western portion of our northern border, along with some other near neighbors. It was good to have a small get-together instead of having just the three of us.

We hadn't seen much of the elk until we heard bleating north of the Carriage House; we walked up the hill carefully and spied about 100 elk running through the trees, across the creek and back down the West Ridge. This herd hangs around Bridger Canyon for the winter and has been increasing in size every year.

No reading this month! Gary is collecting books on "contracting your new home" to study between now and mid-February.

December 3: Buttoned up. The Main House is sealed up with plastic. There isn't much snow here, but 8 miles away as the crow flies Bridger Bowl opened December 4 — a week earlier than projected.

There has not been much new snow since then and the weather has been quite warm. We would rather have it cold because then there is no mud.

Be sure to check the Main House Progress.

Parting Shot

Neko keeps a lookout for deer and elk.