July, 2004

Unfortunately, this photo does not do justice to the lower falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Many people neglect this sight in favor of the thermal features, but the canyon is well worth seeing. The view from Artist's Point is an easy stroll and quite breathtaking. This view from the bottom of Uncle Tom's Trail is worth the 328 stairs and 500' vertical descent with exposures that will turn back any with a fear of heights. Of course, when one is at 8,000' elevation, the trip back up is also breathtaking. Finish order for the upward leg: Gary, Arthur, Paul; as a surfer and scuba divemaster, Paul was undoubtedly in the better physical condition, but the breathing discipline for below sea level is very different than for high mountains.

We celebrated July 4 with a barbecue, but it was so chilly we ate indoors. Soon after sundown, it started to rain, putting a literal damper on the rocket's red glare.